Why we are better


    • All employees are fully trained professionals with an emphasis on quality rather than speed.
    • Spot inspections are performed by management to insure high quality standards.
    • Employees are issued a detailed checklist that they are trained to follow and check through at the end of every clean. 
    •  All employees undergo a nationwide thorough background check. (Some firms only run local court background checks, and contractors sometimes have no background checks at all.)
    • In addition to a background check, all of our employees have their background monitored throughout their employment so if something new happens, we will be notified immediately.
    • Our professionals always work in teams of two or three both for their own safety and to ensure the job is done efficiently and correctly.
    • Our professionals are always easily identifiable by their uniforms, so you know who is entering your home (trainees may not yet have uniforms).
    • We carry two million dollars in liability insurance covering breakage or any other damage that may occur in your home. (Firms using contractors often claim to be insured, but they may only be insuring themselves and not the actual contractors who are supposed to carry their own insurance. Very often, the contractors are uninsured.)
    •  We provide workers compensation insurance for our employees, so if they are injured on the job, they are well taken care of. This is not required in Texas, and most of our competitors do not offer this, but we believe it is important to both protect our employees and protect you from any claims should an employee be injured in your home. (Once again, contractors are rarely covered by this type of insurance.)