• Wipe down front of cabinets and handles
  • Wipe down all counter tops including removing items to wipe behind
  • Wipe down all canisters, toasters, coffee pots and other items
  • clean inside and outside of microwave ovens
  • Scrub top of stoves and wash all burners
  • Wipe down back splashes
  • Clean all appliances
  • Clean sliding glass doors (front and back) and clean the track
  • Clean window sills, light fixtures and light switches
  • Scrub sinks, polish handles and wipe out drains and dry sink
  • Take out trash and wipe out trash can
  • Hand wash all floors (no mops) especially in high traffic areas
  • Wipe down all floor boards
  • Do dishes in sink (wash, dry and put away) or put them in dishwasher
  • Organize any cluttered areas and pick up items in the rooC


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