How does it work?


1. We work together to set a date and approximate time to begin your cleaning service

2. We make arrangements for you to read and sign the service agreement. This simply lays out various guidelines such as how much notice must be given for a schedule change and things of this nature.

3. We identify how we will enter the home. This can be done by providing us a key, alarm code or any other arrangement. It is up to you whether you wish to be in the home when the services are rendered.

4. On cleaning day, you will receive a text letting you know that your professional cleaning team is on the way.

5. A team of two uniformed professionals will arrive and begin cleaning your home. Note that trainees may not yet have uniforms.

6. You will receive a text when the cleaning is complete and the cleaning team has left your home.

7. Your card will be charged after service is complete.

8. Come home to a clean relaxing home so you may spend time with your family, enjoy hobbies or whatever you wish to do with your time.